Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours.


Happy Birthday Present? Check check.

Pattern: Baby to Toddler Socks from Mimknits
Started: November 16, 2006
Finished: December 5, 2006
Yarn: Left over from the
Jaywalkers. Confetti Superwash Color number 03.006

Notes: I was 3 rows short of yarn. Luckily, I had another ball of Confetti in another colorway that had the same brown in it. So I used it to finish it off. Also being that it took almost 3 weeks for me to finish a pair of baby socks is pretty sad. This is why I have a hard time knitting stuff. I try. I really do...Hopefully the kid will fit them. Notice the
shirt it is pictured with. That is also part of the gift.

I recently borrowed the
Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook from the library. They have an interesting pattern where one is able to knit socks back and forth on 2 needles instead of the double points. I find this interesting and I wonder if I would be able to do this quickly on my knitting machine...I see some experimentation in the near future.


More Socks

One finished baby sock. It's intended for a friend's baby's birthday present in mid December. Obviously, it's the same yarn as my Jaywalker. I'm just using the leftovers. However, I'm not sure that I have enough yarn for the second sock. I guess we'll find that out soon since I've just started on the heel flap. Looks like it's going to be close...


Next Best Thing...

it's too cold to take him outside...



made this cake for my cousin from wilton cake pan circa 1983!


(Almost) Instant Socks.

The smaller the socks, the faster they knit up. I like that. No recipient for these for now, as all the babies I know are bigger than 0-3m. Haha. We are hoping to start a family soon, so perhaps I'll just collect these for laters.

Pattern: Heel and Toe socks from
50 Baby Booties to Knit
Yarn: Socks that Rock - I forget which colorway
Started: About
September 28, 2006
Finished: November 6, 2006

Notes: I mentioned in an earlier post that I ripped out the first sock because, stupid me, forgot the heel flap. No wonder it looked funny to me. But it's all good now. =)



Last week I got a pasta roller machine thing. So tonight, I got the chance to make my own pasta. I just used the basic pasta recipe that came with the machine roller. The pasta totally tasted homemade. And that's not a bad thing! It was quite a bit of work, but I'd have to say, it was definitely worth it! TASTY!

Homemade fetticine with scratch alfredo sauce (just cream, parm cheese, and margerine) and mixed greens. Almond Jello with fruit cocktail for dessert. DELICIOUS!


Itsa Mario!

Happy Halloween!


My Very First...


I finally finished the Jaywalkers, just in time for Socktoberfest.

Please excuse the picture - it was taken 7:30 am just before I went to work.
Started: About January 15, 2006
Finished: October 26, 2006
Yarn: Confetti Superwash Color number 03.006

As for the other little socks that I have been working on, I've discovered a major flaw in the first sock (uh, forgotten the heel flap. Der.) so it's been ripped. But I'm almost done the second sock (which will be the first sock, since I screwed up the real first sock so badly)



Just won me one of these. YAY!



Great program description.


Project Number Thirty Four

Right after number 10: Nappy bag (in progress), and number 24: Ninja Turtle Sweater.



Milo, Daisey and their new cousin Dukes (we call him 'Dukie')


Little Socks.

I am really bad for finishing socks. I have yet to even finish a pair. With the arrival of Socktoberfest, I've decided to finally get a movin' on the Jaywalkers I have been working on since forever ago.

Also, since I am such a slow knitter and I like instant gratification, I've started on some baby socks; which will be kept away until there is someone to give it to. I'm actually done one sock. And it only took a week. Now to start the second sock.

And because pugs are nice to look at.


Making the Buttons

I have been collecting old damaged books all summer in anticipation of 'eventually' getting a button maker. Much to my surprise, I got one for my birthday! YAY! So I've been making buttons like crazy -- ruined a bunch while learning how to use it too...

Just put some up on

And not just buttons. More baby bibs too.

Looks like I'm going to have to restock my fabric soon! YAY online fabric shopping!


Dog Birthday Cake

Last year I had some inquiries on the recipe of Doggy Birthday cake. This year, I've decided to make an entry on it. I postponed it a day as to not steal the Milo Birthday Thunder. So, without further adieu. (Note: I don't remember where I got this from, so if I am infringing anything, please let me know)

Doggy Birthday Cake

1 cup Flour
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/4 cup Peanut Butter
1/4 cup Cooking Oil
1 cup Shredded Carrots
1 tsp Vanilla
1/3 cup Honey
1 Egg

Mix together Flour and Baking Soda. Add the balance of the ingredients. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bake for 30 minutes. Mash cottage cheese in food processor for frosting.

I believe these instructions are for an actual 9" cake pan. I halved the recipe and got about 18-20 mini muffin/cupcakes. Oh, and I didn't have any cottage cheese on hand, so I just spread some peanut butter on the top.

Important: Make sure your doggy is not allergic to any of these ingredients. The vet once told me that the 4 biggest allergy concerns are wheat, corn, peanut butter, and cheese. So be careful. For us, I know that my guys are allergic to corn, so I never make any of the dog recipes with cornmeal.



Milo's Big Day

Today is Milo's birthday. He turns 4. Seems like just yesterday we brought him home. I can't even remember what life was like before him.

Milo the first week we brought him home. He is 2 months old here.

Milo now.

We celebrated with some bday pug cake. Everyone was quite excited. A peanut butter carrot mini cupcake with peanut butter 'icing', topped with little man cookie from the box.

He could barely sit still for this picture.

Devouring the cake.
Not to worry, Daisey got one too. She was less patient that Milo, if that is even possible.
Happy 4th Birthday Milo!


For the Ware Rabbits

A carrot from my mother-in-laws garden. I almost forgot to take a picture of it before I cut it up for supper. It fed me, the husband and the 2 dogs, and we still had some left over...


In a Pickle

Tried my hand at pickling cucumbers last week. I have the Joy of Cooking: Canning & Preserving book for quite a while and was anxious to try my hand at it. One of our friends had cucumber take over their garden, so they were more than happy to share the cucumber wealth. I decided on the sweet pickle recipe.

They are supposed to look like this.

Preparing the jars.

Processing the pickles. It's a little steamy.

Cooling off on the counter. They made the vacuum 'pop' pretty much right when I took them out of the pot.

For my first time, they turned out pretty decent. Only after did I discover that my husband no likey the sweek pickles. I'm going to have to give them out to relatives and friends. I only made 4 jars because this was the first time, but I do still have half a bag of cucumbers left, so I think I may pickle the rest of them this way as well.


Almost Human

I opened my eyes to this, this morning. It seems that Daisey thinks she is a person...


Another Year, Another Birthday

Happy Birthday to me.
(I gotta remember that icing color darkens when it dries.)


Water Water Everywhere...

Has it been almost 3 weeks? Oops.

Well, I guess it's not like I haven't been doing anything. I hosted a bridal shower for my cousin. 40 ladies in my home. That's a lot of people! That was a lot of baking too...banana cake, chocolate chip cookies, lemon meringue pie, key lime pie, and chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing.

Sorry for the dark photo. It was probably close to midnight when I took the pictures.

The recipe was simple enough. And the icing part, even simpler. Put a marshmallow on the cupcake 2 minutes before they are done and put back into the oven. Take out of the oven when the time is up and smoosh the marshmallow onto the cupcake to look like icing. I found the idea in a Martha Stewart Good Things for kids mini mag.

In other craftiness, I've dyed some yarn -- still contemplating whether to try my luck to sell on etsy or not (pic soon), worked on a few sewing projects, and stenciled this lovely shirt for my husband.

Chuck Norris. I also added the tagline "Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills people." He loved it.

Oh yeah, there was also an attempt at a Garfield stand up cake. That didn't work. I didn't take the shameful picture of the overflowing upside down cat cake. I'll just have to pay more attention to the instructions next time.

As for the title of this post, I came down Monday morning to a pool of water covering my main floor bathroom, and alot of water seeping into my basement. My basement floor was practically covered. Somehow, the water from the toilet seeped into the walls and floor and ruined my hardwood from under neath. It needs to be all ripped out. Boo. There was some drama with the builders who built my home for a bit. But I have since called the house insurance for the sake of reducing headache. I have some pictures somewhere...I'll post them soon.


Sleepy Pugs (as per usual)

New blankies posted on Etsy. Have a great weekend!


Random Thoughts

This review post will be pictureless, as I was too hot to lug my big camera around.

  • We went berry picking on Saturday. It was hot and we got alot of strawberries and rasberries.
  • Due to the heat, the rasberries started to get wilty, so I promptly made rasberries sorbet. (no picture, but there is some left, I might take a picture of that)
  • Due to the amount of strawberries we picked; a overflowing ice cream pail full, I made freezer jam. Way too hot to make regular jam. (no pictures of this either)
  • Drums + 4 year old kid = Super Noisy...my ears were ringing
  • Noisy 4 year old drummer kid thinks the volume of a movie in a movie theatre should be turned down.
  • Chuck E. Cheese pizza is not as tasty as I remember it
  • Air conditioning should be considered a necessity, not a luxury.
  • Since when does it hit 38 degrees (that's 100 degrees Fahrenheit) in Edmonton?
  • We will be eating cereal for supper for the next few days
  • Concern for my Nano being scratched up resulted in a makeshift pouch sewn for it. (picture coming)
  • Trying to play 'Time after Time' on my Hello Kitty Guitar
  • Tried to get 4 year old kid (my little cousin) to play bass drum with a 1,2,3,4 beat so I could play Hardest Button to Button to it.
  • It didn't work
  • Dogs were hot
  • Took them swimming in the In-Laws swimming pool.
  • Milo is a panicker and flails his arms to make big splashes
  • Daisey focuses only to getting out of the pool. She is a pretty good swimmer though.
  • I wish I had taken a video of that. Maybe next time.
  • Posted another blankie on Etsy. Will be making at least 2 more right away.

Um, I guess that's it...just a running list. I really wish I had air conditioning at my house. *sigh*


More Listed Soon...

Just posted this baby blanket on Etsy last night. I'm hoping to have more stuff listed by the end of the weekend.

I'm planning on perhaps one more blanket, and some dog collars and harnesses...

(it's still stinking hot here...my poor pugs are panting like crazy)


What the Heck is this Thing on My Neck?

(Didn't realize it, but my 1 year blogaversary was yesterday. Happy blogaversary to me. )


Heat = No Crafting...

I was fairly consistent with the blogging there, but after that last hockey game, I guess that was it. I've been trying to get crafty, but it's been tough. There was a baby vest I was crocheting, but I miss calculated something, so I'm gonna have to rip it apart. Plus, I'm not really in the mood for any of the yarn crafts because it's just been SO HOT. Too hot to even turn on the stove to make supper, so for the past few days, we've been eating cereal.

There are a few things that are on my crafty project list, but with it being so hot and us finding that Milo has a luxating patella that requires us to be more deligent with walking him (he gets walked 2x a day, one first thing in the morning -- 630am, and one after supper) to strengthen his ligaments, I have had trouble sitting in my new craft room and crafting it up.

Crafty project list includes:
- Dog collars/harnesses
- Dying some merino yarn
- Hemming the curtains (not really crafty, just needs to be done)
- Sewing of various items (skirts, bags, dresses, etc)

There's a few other things. I want to get a hang of the dog collars/harnesses so I can try to put some up on Etsy along with my baby bibs so I can raise some money for a button maker machine.

It just needs to cool down a bit first.


Wishful Thinking

Alas, it was not meant to be. The Oilers lost to the Hurricanes last night 3 to 1. It was that very first goal in the first 2 minutes that hurt them. Oh well. There's always next year. Who would have thought that the Oilers would have come this far? Good effort on their part.

My cousins came over to watch the game. For the game 7 dinner, we had the delicious but not so nutritious KFC and pizza. Milo wanted to eat the left overs. He sat there for practically the entire game.

He's the wishful thinker. And Daisey watched the game too...when she wasn't watching us eat.

This morning, the city seemed a little subdued. I think alot of people took off the little Oiler flags that they put on their car. I didn't see as much of them today as I have the past month. Since getting to the Stanley Cup finals, practically every car in Edmonton had a flag on their car. The hardcores had up to 5 of them.

It's kinda weird that the city has no longer anything really to band together and get excited about. One of my cousins were really cheering on the Oilers yesterday. I hope he wasn't too upset and couldn't sleep last night after the loss. Haha.

(I'm actually doing some crafting. I'm crocheting a vest from one of my japanese craft books. Pics soon! i hope.)


Oil Country

Game seven. Tonight. 6pm MST.


Old Habits Die Hard

They have missed their old couch.


Stranger Danger!

Milo is concerned because there are strangers coming in and out of his new house and he is stuck behind this babygate.

(The strangers are service guys coming in to hook up/fix various last minute stuff in our new house. They drive Milo crazy!)


Lisa, Win that Contest!

Clerks II - July 21, 2006

Posted here to help Lisa win a contest with Kevin Smith. Good Luck, you!
I can't wait for this movie!


Home Sweet Home

We've finally made the move and finally have the internets! And my craft room is 90% set up. Hopefully there will be some good crafting soon now that I have my own space again. YAY!

But back to work tomorrow. I'll try to post more often now that I'm not living in a basement.


Project Spectrum - Green

I felt bad for not having an entry for Project Spectrum's April theme - orange (which I do have lots of), so here is my poor entry for the May theme on it's last day. I have resorted to taking pictures in my office. Hopefully I'm stealthy and ninja enough that no one notices.

(5 days left! I am so excited!)


Almost there

...left until we get our new house, finally!


18 Days...

Since Monday, I've been counting down the days until the possession of house. I cannot wait. at. all.

There has been a little hiccup, however.

We got a call on Tuesday letting us know that someone had stolen the boxes of hardwood flooring from our new home and that the builder will not be able to replace the same wood for an excess of 2 months. We know for a fact that the floors were there on Saturday afternoon. We visited the house and the boxes of hardwood were sitting in the middle of the living room. This apparently has been a problem for the builder. Someone has been breaking into the in-progress homes and taking stuff: appliances, furnaces, fixtures, hardwood, etc.

Wednesday we went to the flooring place and got a replacement for the hardwood we orginally had. Although not 100% content, it's pretty close. That's good enough. I was preparing myself for the worst; that my dark wood replacement was to be something like oak or something. Boo. But that wasn't the case. So it's okay.

To the person(s) stealing stuff from people's houses: Shame on you. For shame.


Ho hum.

Has it been 2 weeks since my last posting already? Oops.

I've been finding it hard to post lately as there has been nothing really to post about. I've been working lots, and just got back from Red Deer yesterday for work. I had reached there on Friday and had a busy busy weekend helping with a training/trade show that was put on by our branch.

This marked my first time being away from home by myself. I also checked into a hotel for the first time, ordered room service for the first time, checked out of a hotel for the first time, and took a taxi by myself for the first time. I know. I'm a little deprived.

Hopefully, as time goes by, I'll have a little more to post about. We have received confirmation that our possession date for the new house is June 5. After then, once everything is settled, I should be able to go back to my crafty ways.

But for now, I'll try my best to post. something. anything.


Smashy Smashy

Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend!

No crafting to speak of as of yet. I'm trying to still finish the jaywalker sock. But other than that, I'm in a little bit of a funk -- anxious to get into our new house to start any new crafty projects. But anyways...

We had the family gathering Saturday night. It was a food filled good time. Especially Milo and Daisey who suckered almost all my relatives into giving them turkey. My grandpa was chasing them down with giant chunks of the turkey...

About an hour after everyone had left, I was just settling into bed. All of a sudden, I heard a crumpling sound outside the basement window of our room, then a spray of depris hit the window. Ten seconds later, I hear more crumpling and more depris hitting the window. Then I hear the screeching of tires, and 30 seconds after that, I see flashing lights out the window.

I didn't really think anything of it. Nothing really happens in my (my mom's - since we are living here temporarily) neighborhood. I just went back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I went upstairs and saw a police report on the counter. My parents told me that someone had run through the fence. My mom thought it was only the front part of the yard (there's a divider fence in the front). I went out to check the backyard to make sure that it was safe to let Milo and Daisey out, and here is what I saw:

It's like those cartoons where there's no fence, but the gate is hanging on it's hinge after a natural disaster...

See the basement window? I was sleeping. In there. While this happened.

Apparently, he smashed through the front section of the fence in the front yard, when through the fence next to the gate, and decided to leave out the side of the yard.

Before he got to our yard, apparently, he was joyriding through our neighbors front yards and hedges, going through 4 front yards, nicking a garage, and knocking over a tree lining the street in front of our neighbors, who are on the right side of us. HE COULD HAVE HIT MY CAR (shown on the driveway in the above picture)!

My goodness.