Happy Halloweenie!

From BatMilo and SuperDaisey


Hallo My Friend!

My new friend is a Louet S10. Unfortunately it is on loan and I only have it up to Sunday. Then I have to return it to the weaver's guild. So sad. I'm trying to spin as much as possible, but I'm running out of time. I'm getting better though -- I've managed to spin even sock weight (sport?) yarn. The next thing I want to try is to dye roving first before spinning or ply with thread...

In other crafty news, I also tried my hand at coloring some selfstriping yarn. I would like to make a pair of socks with it. It's the knitpicks dye your own sock yarn. It is very soft! I should probably finish the sock (singular) I started way back...I'm not a fan of double point needles...

Yarn Soup

On a side note. I had a job interview yesterday. Here's me in the 'monkey suit'. I bought the suit especially for the interview...

I actually look like a professional...haha.



My first one!

Okay -- here's how it goes: Google "(yourname) needs" and post the first 10 results. My name is not very popular, so I was interested in seeing the results:

1. The esteemed Dr. Elaina needs players' intellect, perseverance and ingenuity tohelp her reconstruct Dr. Brain's brain.
2. Anyway, go to Google and type in "Elaina wants" and "Elaina needs" and post threeresults of each. (it seems another blogger with the name Elaina)
3. It is well noted that Elaina needs to get out more.
4. Oops, gotta go - Elaina needs to feed me her animal crackers!
5. Elaina needs to mind her own business, but doesn’t know how to.
6. “Elaina needs to go back too…” Frank stopped before telling them her problem.
7. "Elaina needs medical attention," she said.
8. Elaina needs a room view profile.
9. Elaina needs to occupy PRECISELY the same space As her sister!
10. (This one is not so PG -- like not at all, so if you really want to know, please feel free to google it and see for yourself.)



Anybody home?

Yah, I'm home. Sorry for the lack of posts -- I try to average at least once a week, but it's been a hectic few days.

Finished fixing the house. All the nicks and scratches, all fixed. Someone came to see the house yesterday, so cleaning, organizing was in full gear. My house has never been so clean! Makes feel bad that we're selling it away.

I also managed to borrow a spinning wheel from spinning class. We are allowed to take them home for the duration of the class. So for the next 2 weeks, I get to have a spinning wheel! I'm going to try to spin as much as possible because I can't really get a wheel of my own now, and if I can sell some of the yarn (if I get good enough), I can put it towards my spinning wheel fund.

I know I said prior that I didn't like the Louet and wanted to try the Ashford Traditional. I changed my mind. I tried the Ashford on Sunday, and didn't like it. at. all. So I sucked it up and tried the Louet S10. I love it. I don't know what I was thinking the first time I used it and didn't like it. On Sunday, when I tried it again, I was able to actually spin even sized singled. I have never done that before. I filled up a spool and I'm setting the twist on it as we speak. I hope to have pictures soon. Now all I can think of is spinning on that wheel...


Easy Like a Sunday Morn

They haven't even been up for an hour yet, but I guess Milo and Daisey are resting up for today's turkey dinner!


To do List (In technicolor!)

Honestly, I'm only going to talk about 2 & 3 on the list because that's all the pics I gots for now:

2. I didn't finish up the shirt I started, but started and finished the one I wanted to do, and it didn't turn out to be a hoodie. I'm hoping to sell it on ebay, and it'll either go towards my spinning wheel fund, or the 'my new house needs central vacuum' fund. I know the pocket is a little lopsided, but it adds to the character, right? =P

What do you think?? Would it sell?
3. My plied yarn. My first plied yarn. It was very nice in it's natural color, but I like to dye, and I like bright colored yarns. So, I died it with some icing dye I had.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great, but I have this bad habit of taking pictures late at night in a dark room.
Guess that's it for now!! For my fellow Canadians, have a great long turkey filled weekend!



I'm taking a spinning class. It's with the Edmonton Weavers Guild. My first class was yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect. I took the class to play learn to use the spinning wheels.

First, of course, was the lesson on a spindle. I've had experience on a spindle (albeit not very good on a spindle) so I think I did okay. Then we learned how to wash raw wool and then the SPINNING ON A WHEEL. This is going to sound nerdy, but I was SO EXCITED!

They had 3 types of wheels -- 1 Ashford Traditional, a few Louets (I think S10), and a few Lendrums. I used a Lendrum. It was okay. I liked the way it was set up, but didn't like that it doesn't like thick yarn. I love to use thick yarn, so I like to make it. I used the Louet to ply my worsted weight singles to create plied bulky, and didn't like it at all. I read up that you can buy size kits for the Ashford Traditional, so I plan to use it next class to see how I like it, or else it looks like Lendrum -- when I'm ready for a wheel, of course. (That means that I'm going to have to raise the money on eBay, or if I'm lucky, our house will sell for more than I thought and I can use some of that....but I'm just dreaming.)

It was fun. I filled up 2 bobbins and learned to ply them. I dyed it last night before I went to bed. I think the fleece that we spun was mohair. It's soft and looks hairy. I hope to have pictures soon.

Happy Monday!


To Do List:

  1. make halloween costumes for Milo(frog?) and Daisey(bunny?)
  2. sew up some diy shirts (fix the one started, start new one -- planned hoodie)
  3. dye plied yarn, spun from spinning class
  4. seam up knitted armwarmers
  5. finish those doggy pjs that have been supposed to be up in the shop a while ago
  6. photocopy japanese magazine's sewing patterns -- because they print up 6 different patterns overlapping each other on one large sheet of paper (in conjunction with making halloween costumes -- the patterns are from this book)
  7. fix nicks in hardwood floor (must make house look saleable)
  8. fix nicks in cupboards courtesy of Milo demanding treats
  9. fix nicks in baseboards (so we can sell the house)
  10. wash fleece for spinning class