Anybody home?

Yah, I'm home. Sorry for the lack of posts -- I try to average at least once a week, but it's been a hectic few days.

Finished fixing the house. All the nicks and scratches, all fixed. Someone came to see the house yesterday, so cleaning, organizing was in full gear. My house has never been so clean! Makes feel bad that we're selling it away.

I also managed to borrow a spinning wheel from spinning class. We are allowed to take them home for the duration of the class. So for the next 2 weeks, I get to have a spinning wheel! I'm going to try to spin as much as possible because I can't really get a wheel of my own now, and if I can sell some of the yarn (if I get good enough), I can put it towards my spinning wheel fund.

I know I said prior that I didn't like the Louet and wanted to try the Ashford Traditional. I changed my mind. I tried the Ashford on Sunday, and didn't like it. at. all. So I sucked it up and tried the Louet S10. I love it. I don't know what I was thinking the first time I used it and didn't like it. On Sunday, when I tried it again, I was able to actually spin even sized singled. I have never done that before. I filled up a spool and I'm setting the twist on it as we speak. I hope to have pictures soon. Now all I can think of is spinning on that wheel...

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