Heat = No Crafting...

I was fairly consistent with the blogging there, but after that last hockey game, I guess that was it. I've been trying to get crafty, but it's been tough. There was a baby vest I was crocheting, but I miss calculated something, so I'm gonna have to rip it apart. Plus, I'm not really in the mood for any of the yarn crafts because it's just been SO HOT. Too hot to even turn on the stove to make supper, so for the past few days, we've been eating cereal.

There are a few things that are on my crafty project list, but with it being so hot and us finding that Milo has a luxating patella that requires us to be more deligent with walking him (he gets walked 2x a day, one first thing in the morning -- 630am, and one after supper) to strengthen his ligaments, I have had trouble sitting in my new craft room and crafting it up.

Crafty project list includes:
- Dog collars/harnesses
- Dying some merino yarn
- Hemming the curtains (not really crafty, just needs to be done)
- Sewing of various items (skirts, bags, dresses, etc)

There's a few other things. I want to get a hang of the dog collars/harnesses so I can try to put some up on Etsy along with my baby bibs so I can raise some money for a button maker machine.

It just needs to cool down a bit first.


Wishful Thinking

Alas, it was not meant to be. The Oilers lost to the Hurricanes last night 3 to 1. It was that very first goal in the first 2 minutes that hurt them. Oh well. There's always next year. Who would have thought that the Oilers would have come this far? Good effort on their part.

My cousins came over to watch the game. For the game 7 dinner, we had the delicious but not so nutritious KFC and pizza. Milo wanted to eat the left overs. He sat there for practically the entire game.

He's the wishful thinker. And Daisey watched the game too...when she wasn't watching us eat.

This morning, the city seemed a little subdued. I think alot of people took off the little Oiler flags that they put on their car. I didn't see as much of them today as I have the past month. Since getting to the Stanley Cup finals, practically every car in Edmonton had a flag on their car. The hardcores had up to 5 of them.

It's kinda weird that the city has no longer anything really to band together and get excited about. One of my cousins were really cheering on the Oilers yesterday. I hope he wasn't too upset and couldn't sleep last night after the loss. Haha.

(I'm actually doing some crafting. I'm crocheting a vest from one of my japanese craft books. Pics soon! i hope.)


Oil Country

Game seven. Tonight. 6pm MST.


Old Habits Die Hard

They have missed their old couch.


Stranger Danger!

Milo is concerned because there are strangers coming in and out of his new house and he is stuck behind this babygate.

(The strangers are service guys coming in to hook up/fix various last minute stuff in our new house. They drive Milo crazy!)


Lisa, Win that Contest!

Clerks II - July 21, 2006

Posted here to help Lisa win a contest with Kevin Smith. Good Luck, you!
I can't wait for this movie!


Home Sweet Home

We've finally made the move and finally have the internets! And my craft room is 90% set up. Hopefully there will be some good crafting soon now that I have my own space again. YAY!

But back to work tomorrow. I'll try to post more often now that I'm not living in a basement.