Stuff I find on my camera.

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Or I should stop putting my camera anywhere Evie can reach it. There will be a series of these in the next little while. She apparently is more into taking pictures than I am.


Someone got a hold of my camera.

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Now there's yogurt all over the lens.


Rainbow Cupcakes....but you would never know.

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Made some rainbow cupcakes using this idea. It wasn't diet style. Just full fat goodness. For some friends we were visiting who just had a baby and didn't have time to celebrate his birthday. I guess I should have took a picture of the final product, but I forgot.


Potato of the Day

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By Evie at 15 months on May 8/09. I try to take pictures of her creations if I can be fast enough. She likes to pull the appendages out as soon as she puts them in.


Mailing List is Up.

I think I got it coded correctly. Hopefully.


Our company (E&E Hobby and Gift) was featured in a local free newspaper today. Not sure if anyone will try to find our shop - which we don't have yet, but we have an online shop concept in development. I'm hoping to have it up in the next couple of months.

Originally I was waiting until we moved to the new house (which we haven't bought because we're still trying to sell our house), but I might just start it earlier now.

We'll be featuring collectible toys like DC Universe, Muggs, cool stuffies and other neat things.

I'm going to set up a mailing list for those who are interested to know when the shop will be opening.

Hopefully, I'll be posting a little more often from now on....