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Wow, 4 days posting in a row - must be a new record! =)

Besides my Etsy shops, we (my husband and I) attend comic/toy shows a few times a year. We sell action figures, dvds, games, that sort of thing. Mostly my husbands domain - stuff he likes. Recently, we started to expand our product line and offer stuffies. We just got in a huge order of Nintendo stuffies to sell at the next comic fair, which is in March.

We kept one of these Toad hats for a demo - obiviously not going to sell it once we've played/worn it. Thought it would be funny to have Evie wear it, but she wasn't going to have any of that.


Evie turns 1 (or where did all the time go?)

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So, my daughter turned one last week. I've been just too busy to talk about it, but taking the time now. Lots has happened the last month, nothing better than a point list to try to cover it all:

:: She now has 4 teeth, finally! But all on the bottom. Where are those top teeth?
:: Her hair is long enough on top for a little pony tail. She looks like a girl! haha.
:: Big as ever. We got her weighed at the doctors, she is a whopping 29 lbs - WAY off the curve...
:: Walking! Yesterday she was determined to walk around the house without any help. I was of course there to help her when she needed it.
:: Gong Xi, Gong Xi! Taught her how to do the hand gesture - she can do it!
:: Says the following words: done, mom, daddy, daisey, milo, ninji, yah, wow...I might be missing some.
:: climbing up the stairs - still working on the climbing down
:: starting to get the concept of colouring. She likes to line up them crayons on her table though.
:: wearing size 2T and 3T.

So many things this month - I don't think I can remember it all. Oh and just a note: the dress she wore for her birthday - that's my dress! My mom kept it from oh so many years ago. Glad she can wear the dress I wore when I was 2, for her first birthday (big girl!).


C is for Cookie

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I haven't had a chance to blog about my daughter first birthday yet, but I thought I would put up a little bit of a sample. She LOVES Cookie Monster. So nothing more appropriate than Cookie Monster cake (pic coming soon), and Cookie Monster cupcakes. The cupcake part was easy enough to make/decorate, but it took me a couple of hours to get the royal icing right to make the Cookie Monster 'candies' - not perfect, but I think not bad for my first time.


Today's Photo - Waiting for Breakfast.

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I'm going go try to post a photo a day...or maybe every couple of days. Here's the first one. I know the photo isn't too clear. It's taken on my new pink netbook, complete with builtin webcam, so it's not high megapixel quality...

I'm Back!

Ignore that last post...I just imported from the old blog, and here is my new blog! Sit back and enjoy -- I hope to be posting a little more regularly, but I always way that.