Sleepy Pugs (as per usual)

New blankies posted on Etsy. Have a great weekend!


Random Thoughts

This review post will be pictureless, as I was too hot to lug my big camera around.

  • We went berry picking on Saturday. It was hot and we got alot of strawberries and rasberries.
  • Due to the heat, the rasberries started to get wilty, so I promptly made rasberries sorbet. (no picture, but there is some left, I might take a picture of that)
  • Due to the amount of strawberries we picked; a overflowing ice cream pail full, I made freezer jam. Way too hot to make regular jam. (no pictures of this either)
  • Drums + 4 year old kid = Super Noisy...my ears were ringing
  • Noisy 4 year old drummer kid thinks the volume of a movie in a movie theatre should be turned down.
  • Chuck E. Cheese pizza is not as tasty as I remember it
  • Air conditioning should be considered a necessity, not a luxury.
  • Since when does it hit 38 degrees (that's 100 degrees Fahrenheit) in Edmonton?
  • We will be eating cereal for supper for the next few days
  • Concern for my Nano being scratched up resulted in a makeshift pouch sewn for it. (picture coming)
  • Trying to play 'Time after Time' on my Hello Kitty Guitar
  • Tried to get 4 year old kid (my little cousin) to play bass drum with a 1,2,3,4 beat so I could play Hardest Button to Button to it.
  • It didn't work
  • Dogs were hot
  • Took them swimming in the In-Laws swimming pool.
  • Milo is a panicker and flails his arms to make big splashes
  • Daisey focuses only to getting out of the pool. She is a pretty good swimmer though.
  • I wish I had taken a video of that. Maybe next time.
  • Posted another blankie on Etsy. Will be making at least 2 more right away.

Um, I guess that's it...just a running list. I really wish I had air conditioning at my house. *sigh*


More Listed Soon...

Just posted this baby blanket on Etsy last night. I'm hoping to have more stuff listed by the end of the weekend.

I'm planning on perhaps one more blanket, and some dog collars and harnesses...

(it's still stinking hot here...my poor pugs are panting like crazy)


What the Heck is this Thing on My Neck?

(Didn't realize it, but my 1 year blogaversary was yesterday. Happy blogaversary to me. )