Month Three.

There hasn't been much on the crafting front lately. We attended a toy show so I had to help prepare for that (button making fanatic!). Some other stuff that has happened the last month:

  • Evie not longer naps in the later afternoons/evenings. She's up from about 3pm to when she goes down for the night at about 1030. We are in the process of getting her to shift her bedtime earlier to 930.
  • She's sleeping 10 hour nights! Amazing!
  • She started playing with her toys. Evie will bat at the toy hanging from her car seat handle.
  • Evie went on her first trip this past weekend. We went to Canmore for a friend's wedding. She did actually quite well.
  • She smiles every time she sees her dad or me.
  • She can sit in her bumbo chair for a few minutes at a time.
  • Evie's getting pretty drooly. She gnaws on her fingers so much (we try not to let her as much as possible), that she's starting to get a little callus on her finger. Boo.
  • She's still too small for her activitiy center.

Now that she's up longer, there will be even less time to do any crafting...not that I had time before.