Month Three.

There hasn't been much on the crafting front lately. We attended a toy show so I had to help prepare for that (button making fanatic!). Some other stuff that has happened the last month:

  • Evie not longer naps in the later afternoons/evenings. She's up from about 3pm to when she goes down for the night at about 1030. We are in the process of getting her to shift her bedtime earlier to 930.
  • She's sleeping 10 hour nights! Amazing!
  • She started playing with her toys. Evie will bat at the toy hanging from her car seat handle.
  • Evie went on her first trip this past weekend. We went to Canmore for a friend's wedding. She did actually quite well.
  • She smiles every time she sees her dad or me.
  • She can sit in her bumbo chair for a few minutes at a time.
  • Evie's getting pretty drooly. She gnaws on her fingers so much (we try not to let her as much as possible), that she's starting to get a little callus on her finger. Boo.
  • She's still too small for her activitiy center.

Now that she's up longer, there will be even less time to do any crafting...not that I had time before.

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  1. Hahaha...love that photo! Glad to hear she is doing well. Melody is pretty much the same as Evie. She is still too short for her activity center. Her favorite is the playmat that she lays on so she can bat at the toys. And was is up with sucking on their hands. At first I thought she was trying to suck on her thumbs on fingers and we tried showing her, but she just like the whole hand! LOL!

    Yup, I am finding less and less time to craft since she is up longer too.