Itsa Mario!

Happy Halloween!


My Very First...


I finally finished the Jaywalkers, just in time for Socktoberfest.

Please excuse the picture - it was taken 7:30 am just before I went to work.
Started: About January 15, 2006
Finished: October 26, 2006
Yarn: Confetti Superwash Color number 03.006

As for the other little socks that I have been working on, I've discovered a major flaw in the first sock (uh, forgotten the heel flap. Der.) so it's been ripped. But I'm almost done the second sock (which will be the first sock, since I screwed up the real first sock so badly)



Just won me one of these. YAY!



Great program description.


Project Number Thirty Four

Right after number 10: Nappy bag (in progress), and number 24: Ninja Turtle Sweater.



Milo, Daisey and their new cousin Dukes (we call him 'Dukie')


Little Socks.

I am really bad for finishing socks. I have yet to even finish a pair. With the arrival of Socktoberfest, I've decided to finally get a movin' on the Jaywalkers I have been working on since forever ago.

Also, since I am such a slow knitter and I like instant gratification, I've started on some baby socks; which will be kept away until there is someone to give it to. I'm actually done one sock. And it only took a week. Now to start the second sock.

And because pugs are nice to look at.