Since all of my recent (like 2) dog picture postings have been of my little Daisey, I thought I'd post one of Milo. A good 90% of the photos I take of Milo are of him laying down or sleeping or something...

Milo is watching the basement door that leads to the stairs up. He is always worried someone is going to invade his space. (That black blob just behind Milo is Daisey. I tried to get a picture of them together but Daisey is just too quick.)

Now, on the Jaywalker front, I have just finished the heel flap and am going to start on the gusset as soon as I get the chance.

The lighting in the picture is still yellowy. One of these days, I'll take a picture of the sock upstairs in the sun. I just don't want my mom to look at me all crazy when I'm taking a picture of an unfinished sock.

Speaking of basements, our building home has finally be framed and put up. The windows are in, so we are waiting for the doors and the inside contruction to commence. Hopefully we are looking at mid/end of March for possession instead of their projection of mid-April.

(while this post has nothing to do with the title, I should explain that I've gots the 'Wake me up before you go go' in my head)


Jayjumping on the Bandwagon

Now, I must admit, when I first saw the Jaywalker sock, I was not too impressed by it. But now that so MANY people have joined the knit-along, and I've seen many a Jaywalker sock, I must admit, it's pretty nice. There are all sorts of Jaywalkers out there: verigated ones and my favorite, the self striping ones. That's what hooked me onto trying out this particular sock, seeing the ones made with the self striping yarn. So I had to give it a go (and join the knit-along -- even at this very late stage).

Sorry for the bad (yellowish) lighting. I live in a world of florescence that is my mom's basement. Speaking of living in my mom's basement, we just found out yesterday that the possession of our newly built (building) house has been pushed from February 15 to mid April. Boo.

Anyways, that is about 3 inches of sock cuff done. I'm liking it so far. I am not normally a sock knitter -- my first sock attempt is still (more than 6 months) in the making. But I'm going to finish this one, and hopefully less than 6 months.

Happy Monday everyone!


Because I Said I Would

wrestling shenanigans


I Should Post More Pictures of My Pugs

because I haven't much lately, and I probably should do it more...

(not a crazy amount more, but a more moderate amount more)


Bred for Their Skills in Magic

I would consider this my first FO for the new year. I made (photoshopped, printed and ironed the decal) 14 liger shirts for our dodgeball team. We are playing in a league, and the captain wanted us to have matching tshirts. Since we are called the ligers, a la Napoleon Dynamite movie, I thought that this would be a good design.

What the little fancied up caption says is "LIGER Half lion, half tiger. Bred for its skills in magic"

Perhaps when the games start, there will be some pictures of these shirts in action.


Happy New Year!

plus 4 days...

Since moving to my mom's house, I've been finding it a little difficult to keep up with the blogging. We purchased a new Sony TV and it turned out that there was a outlet in the back for our computer, so instead of using our regular 15" monitor, we've been using a 42" monitor. So, it's been tough to actually sit down and use the computer...

I hope everyone has had a good New Years. We spent New Years Eve at a fancy seafood buffet dinner and ate ourselves stupid. Not a good idea, but it sounded good at the time. No one was dancing after dinner, I tell you what. Well, at least the food was good.

I've noticed that alot of other bloggers have listed new years resolutions and what they want to achieve in the coming year. In all honesty, I'm not really one to make new year resolutions. But a couple of things for sure I would really like to do is have more FOs to show, post a little more here (if not more, have more interesting things to post about) and after months of hiatus, get the shop up and running again. I've looked into a few things that I am interested in making that I may beable to keep up while having my full time office job.

And speaking of making stuff, this has got me bitten with the sewing bug again:

I ordered these from
Craft Connection I could never find fabric like this here, so I decided to order it online. They are soooo great!!! I can't wait to sew with them. I'm not exactly sure what I want to make, but for now, I'm just happy staring at them lovingly. Unfortunately, all my sewing stuff is packed away and I'll just have to wait until we get settled at the new house before I can start with the sewing again.....

Oh, I almost forgot! I recieved the
Japanese knitting books that I had won on eBay from pinku around Christmas time. The patterns are great! I hope to post pictures of some sort of finished product soon.

I think that is it for now. I'm still working on that baby sweater, but (un)lucky for me, it's summer time in Australia, so new baby won't be wearing any wool sweater made by Aunty Elaina any time soon...