Since all of my recent (like 2) dog picture postings have been of my little Daisey, I thought I'd post one of Milo. A good 90% of the photos I take of Milo are of him laying down or sleeping or something...

Milo is watching the basement door that leads to the stairs up. He is always worried someone is going to invade his space. (That black blob just behind Milo is Daisey. I tried to get a picture of them together but Daisey is just too quick.)

Now, on the Jaywalker front, I have just finished the heel flap and am going to start on the gusset as soon as I get the chance.

The lighting in the picture is still yellowy. One of these days, I'll take a picture of the sock upstairs in the sun. I just don't want my mom to look at me all crazy when I'm taking a picture of an unfinished sock.

Speaking of basements, our building home has finally be framed and put up. The windows are in, so we are waiting for the doors and the inside contruction to commence. Hopefully we are looking at mid/end of March for possession instead of their projection of mid-April.

(while this post has nothing to do with the title, I should explain that I've gots the 'Wake me up before you go go' in my head)


  1. Great socks, I am going to make some, too.

  2. Thanks for comment on my felted fortune cookies :) I love how the Jaywalkers are turning out.