My husband is so witty sometimes

An exerpt of an email he sent in regards to a birthday dinner we were invited to (he misspelled my name wrong on purpose):

"I just spoke with Elaine and she said that we will not be able to make
it to the dinner but we would be up for activities.  What do you guys 
have planned for the activities?  Are there going to be arm wrestling 
competitions, balancing acts or just straight hanging out?  Please let

us know so we can train accordingly.  Cause I would hate to think that

I over trained for the balancing acts and we wind up with the arm 
wrestling competition.....that would blow.  Any hoo you're probably 
very busy typing with your eyes closed or having explosive diarrhea to

read any more so I'll allow you to return to your business.



Brrrr...or Why do I Live Here?

This is what my windows look like from the inside. Apparently it was
like -58C yesterday morning? It was recorded as the 2nd coldest spot
in the world at the time. Arg.


Please Ignore the Mess in the Background

Sometime this week, at 22 months, Evie started singing. Out of the
blue. The most surprising song she's trying to sing? "C is for
Cookie". She's heard the song maybe 3 times.