Month Two.

Two months already. This month Evie:

  • Started to watch her mobile very intently, and gets excited when I put her in the crib and crank it to turn it on.

  • Have conversations (oohs and ahhs) with various people/things; of course me and her dad, her 'po po' and 'goong goong' (grandma/grandpa), but she seems to like to talk the most with her mobile as it sings to her and moves around...

  • Can hold her head up for about 10 seconds without anyone supporting it -- we're slowly getting there!

  • Seems to know (but maybe wishful thinking on my part) that it's time to try to make a pooh when I make the 'poohface' with her so I don't have to change her again after the initial pooh.

  • Watches the TV.

  • Looks at the pictures in the book when I read to her.

  • Can turn her head from right to left (but not the other way) during tummy time.

  • Grew into her 3m size and is starting to wear her 6m clothes.

  • Stuck out her tongue when I stuck mine out at her.


  1. Oh, so cute!! I have the opposite problem. 3 month size clothes are too big for her.