Evie turns 1 (or where did all the time go?)

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So, my daughter turned one last week. I've been just too busy to talk about it, but taking the time now. Lots has happened the last month, nothing better than a point list to try to cover it all:

:: She now has 4 teeth, finally! But all on the bottom. Where are those top teeth?
:: Her hair is long enough on top for a little pony tail. She looks like a girl! haha.
:: Big as ever. We got her weighed at the doctors, she is a whopping 29 lbs - WAY off the curve...
:: Walking! Yesterday she was determined to walk around the house without any help. I was of course there to help her when she needed it.
:: Gong Xi, Gong Xi! Taught her how to do the hand gesture - she can do it!
:: Says the following words: done, mom, daddy, daisey, milo, ninji, yah, wow...I might be missing some.
:: climbing up the stairs - still working on the climbing down
:: starting to get the concept of colouring. She likes to line up them crayons on her table though.
:: wearing size 2T and 3T.

So many things this month - I don't think I can remember it all. Oh and just a note: the dress she wore for her birthday - that's my dress! My mom kept it from oh so many years ago. Glad she can wear the dress I wore when I was 2, for her first birthday (big girl!).

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