Wishful Thinking

Alas, it was not meant to be. The Oilers lost to the Hurricanes last night 3 to 1. It was that very first goal in the first 2 minutes that hurt them. Oh well. There's always next year. Who would have thought that the Oilers would have come this far? Good effort on their part.

My cousins came over to watch the game. For the game 7 dinner, we had the delicious but not so nutritious KFC and pizza. Milo wanted to eat the left overs. He sat there for practically the entire game.

He's the wishful thinker. And Daisey watched the game too...when she wasn't watching us eat.

This morning, the city seemed a little subdued. I think alot of people took off the little Oiler flags that they put on their car. I didn't see as much of them today as I have the past month. Since getting to the Stanley Cup finals, practically every car in Edmonton had a flag on their car. The hardcores had up to 5 of them.

It's kinda weird that the city has no longer anything really to band together and get excited about. One of my cousins were really cheering on the Oilers yesterday. I hope he wasn't too upset and couldn't sleep last night after the loss. Haha.

(I'm actually doing some crafting. I'm crocheting a vest from one of my japanese craft books. Pics soon! i hope.)

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