My first one!

Okay -- here's how it goes: Google "(yourname) needs" and post the first 10 results. My name is not very popular, so I was interested in seeing the results:

1. The esteemed Dr. Elaina needs players' intellect, perseverance and ingenuity tohelp her reconstruct Dr. Brain's brain.
2. Anyway, go to Google and type in "Elaina wants" and "Elaina needs" and post threeresults of each. (it seems another blogger with the name Elaina)
3. It is well noted that Elaina needs to get out more.
4. Oops, gotta go - Elaina needs to feed me her animal crackers!
5. Elaina needs to mind her own business, but doesn’t know how to.
6. “Elaina needs to go back too…” Frank stopped before telling them her problem.
7. "Elaina needs medical attention," she said.
8. Elaina needs a room view profile.
9. Elaina needs to occupy PRECISELY the same space As her sister!
10. (This one is not so PG -- like not at all, so if you really want to know, please feel free to google it and see for yourself.)


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  1. haha, i was doing this google thing again for my name, which is Elaina, and the first thing I found was your site!