To Do List:

  1. make halloween costumes for Milo(frog?) and Daisey(bunny?)
  2. sew up some diy shirts (fix the one started, start new one -- planned hoodie)
  3. dye plied yarn, spun from spinning class
  4. seam up knitted armwarmers
  5. finish those doggy pjs that have been supposed to be up in the shop a while ago
  6. photocopy japanese magazine's sewing patterns -- because they print up 6 different patterns overlapping each other on one large sheet of paper (in conjunction with making halloween costumes -- the patterns are from this book)
  7. fix nicks in hardwood floor (must make house look saleable)
  8. fix nicks in cupboards courtesy of Milo demanding treats
  9. fix nicks in baseboards (so we can sell the house)
  10. wash fleece for spinning class

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