Happy Birthday Present? Check check.

Pattern: Baby to Toddler Socks from Mimknits
Started: November 16, 2006
Finished: December 5, 2006
Yarn: Left over from the
Jaywalkers. Confetti Superwash Color number 03.006

Notes: I was 3 rows short of yarn. Luckily, I had another ball of Confetti in another colorway that had the same brown in it. So I used it to finish it off. Also being that it took almost 3 weeks for me to finish a pair of baby socks is pretty sad. This is why I have a hard time knitting stuff. I try. I really do...Hopefully the kid will fit them. Notice the
shirt it is pictured with. That is also part of the gift.

I recently borrowed the
Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook from the library. They have an interesting pattern where one is able to knit socks back and forth on 2 needles instead of the double points. I find this interesting and I wonder if I would be able to do this quickly on my knitting machine...I see some experimentation in the near future.

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