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Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend!

No crafting to speak of as of yet. I'm trying to still finish the jaywalker sock. But other than that, I'm in a little bit of a funk -- anxious to get into our new house to start any new crafty projects. But anyways...

We had the family gathering Saturday night. It was a food filled good time. Especially Milo and Daisey who suckered almost all my relatives into giving them turkey. My grandpa was chasing them down with giant chunks of the turkey...

About an hour after everyone had left, I was just settling into bed. All of a sudden, I heard a crumpling sound outside the basement window of our room, then a spray of depris hit the window. Ten seconds later, I hear more crumpling and more depris hitting the window. Then I hear the screeching of tires, and 30 seconds after that, I see flashing lights out the window.

I didn't really think anything of it. Nothing really happens in my (my mom's - since we are living here temporarily) neighborhood. I just went back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I went upstairs and saw a police report on the counter. My parents told me that someone had run through the fence. My mom thought it was only the front part of the yard (there's a divider fence in the front). I went out to check the backyard to make sure that it was safe to let Milo and Daisey out, and here is what I saw:

It's like those cartoons where there's no fence, but the gate is hanging on it's hinge after a natural disaster...

See the basement window? I was sleeping. In there. While this happened.

Apparently, he smashed through the front section of the fence in the front yard, when through the fence next to the gate, and decided to leave out the side of the yard.

Before he got to our yard, apparently, he was joyriding through our neighbors front yards and hedges, going through 4 front yards, nicking a garage, and knocking over a tree lining the street in front of our neighbors, who are on the right side of us. HE COULD HAVE HIT MY CAR (shown on the driveway in the above picture)!

My goodness.

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  1. Geez! I am so glad that no one got hurt.