$3 for 100 CDs is a Good Deal

This past weekend, our local library had their Spring Cleaning sale where they sell all the books, CDs, videos, etc that they are removing from the catalog. I've never been to these before, so this was my first time. While throughout the weekend, prices were based on per book ($2 for hardcover, 50 cents for paperback, etc), the last 2 hours of the sale today was whatever you can cram into a bag for $3.

Of course, by this time, all the really good books were picked over and I pretty much got my hands on whatever I can get my hands on. Husband and friend manage to picked over dozens and dozens of CDs, and kept in a pile the ones that didn't suck. I managed to fit about 100 CDs into one bag. I packed it FULL. 3 rows of CDs stacked upon each other, and crammed the odd few into the corners and sides of the bag. We are probably going to be picking over that bag in the next few weeks.

As for me, mostly old timey cookbooks. But for $6, it was well worth the deal. My mom went through some of them and she loves it! She'll probably end up keeping most of them.

Daisey was super tired this evening after spending the afternoon outside. She wanted to use my pile of books as a pillow for some reason.

As for crafting, I am still working on that Jaywalker sock. I am about ready to turn the heel. No pictures. You don't want to see a picture of a sock that grew only 2 inches in the past 2 months.

Also, my new baby bib site is up.
Check it out! It's nothing fancy, but hopefully it'll get the job done.

Bibs are made to order. The more you order, the better the deal! Prices start at $4.50US/bib to $3.50US/bib (if you order 10). Thanks to Oiyi for the encouragement!

And just to be fair, Milo should have a picture up too.

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  1. Yes, it is only fair that both dogs get their pics posted on the blog. I am picking up puppy number 2 this week, so I will have to do the same.

    That's so great that you got all those cookbooks for $6! I love cookbooks, but I have way too many and I am taking over the bookcases.

    Congrats on your store launching! The bibs are so cute.