18 Days...

Since Monday, I've been counting down the days until the possession of house. I cannot wait. at. all.

There has been a little hiccup, however.

We got a call on Tuesday letting us know that someone had stolen the boxes of hardwood flooring from our new home and that the builder will not be able to replace the same wood for an excess of 2 months. We know for a fact that the floors were there on Saturday afternoon. We visited the house and the boxes of hardwood were sitting in the middle of the living room. This apparently has been a problem for the builder. Someone has been breaking into the in-progress homes and taking stuff: appliances, furnaces, fixtures, hardwood, etc.

Wednesday we went to the flooring place and got a replacement for the hardwood we orginally had. Although not 100% content, it's pretty close. That's good enough. I was preparing myself for the worst; that my dark wood replacement was to be something like oak or something. Boo. But that wasn't the case. So it's okay.

To the person(s) stealing stuff from people's houses: Shame on you. For shame.

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