In a Pickle

Tried my hand at pickling cucumbers last week. I have the Joy of Cooking: Canning & Preserving book for quite a while and was anxious to try my hand at it. One of our friends had cucumber take over their garden, so they were more than happy to share the cucumber wealth. I decided on the sweet pickle recipe.

They are supposed to look like this.

Preparing the jars.

Processing the pickles. It's a little steamy.

Cooling off on the counter. They made the vacuum 'pop' pretty much right when I took them out of the pot.

For my first time, they turned out pretty decent. Only after did I discover that my husband no likey the sweek pickles. I'm going to have to give them out to relatives and friends. I only made 4 jars because this was the first time, but I do still have half a bag of cucumbers left, so I think I may pickle the rest of them this way as well.

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