New Journal Home!

Here it is in all it's new journal glory. Now, it's not much to look at for now, but as I learn how to manipulate the code, perhaps it'll get better....I hope.

For those who are interested in looking at the old stuff from the other page, before I started to use blogger, there's a link at the bottom of the side bar called 'older entries' and that will take you right to the older stuff.

Just as an update with my crazy busy crafting: I'm up to 18 purses, and I'm going to start the dog clothes right away. I have yet to receive my confirmation for the market. I'm sure I'll get it soon. I mean, there's only one week left. I plan to visit the market tomorrow (as it is the first day running) to get a feel for things.

Well, back to work. Wait. Breakfast first. Then more sewing.


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