Salted Eggs

Sometimes I have a craving for congee (jook). My husband doesn't like it at all, so I don't get to eat it all that often. Now that I've bought a new rice cooker that makes the congee for me (I don't make congee very well), I know I will have it more often. One of my favorite things to eat with the jook is salted egg. However, I've read that poisonous red dye has been found in the yolk of the eggs from China to make it look more vibrant. So I decided to make my own salted eggs. Recipe adapted from here.

6 eggs
kosher salt
chinese cooking wine

Roll each egg in the cooking wine to coat, then roll in the salt to completely cover. Put the egg in a ziplock bag. I didn't want to waste the salt or the wine so atthe end I combined the two to make a kind of sludge and added it to the bag to help coat the eggs. Put the bag in a container and place the container in a cool spot that is not in the fridge (I put mine in the basement). Let sit for 20-30 days. I also smooshed the salt around in the bag every few days to make sure the salt coated the eggs properly.



  1. Oh, you are adventurous to make your own salted eggs. Is it safe? They look good. I have never had salted eggs with jook, only with rice. My mom usually throws in preserved duck eggs when she makes jook. She makes great jook.

    I have no family in NYC. So, I feel lucky to be close to China Town in NYC, so I can buy a bowl of jook and not have to make it. My favortie is to eat it with a fried cruller.

  2. As far as I know it's safe. I kept sniffing the eggs to make sure that they weren't rotten. I think the salt and the wine does a good job of keeping the rotting at bay. I had one egg I boiled didn't look right to me, so I just threw it away. But the other ones seemed fine. Jook is great with the fried cruller! I just don't live close enough to a chinese bakery to buy them. =P