I'm still here...

...but not much is going on.

At 48 inches around, there's really not alot I can do that won't put me in a super uncomfortable state. There hasn't been much knitting (a tiny bit of baby socks...), and definitely no sewing, and I have to take sitting breaks when making a meal that takes only like 1/2 to make. How many times have I been stuck in the middle of the stairs while going up because I run out of energy. BOO! So, with 3.5 weeks to go, I really hope that the baby comes early. I think he/she wants out too. When the baby moves about in there, he/she is so rough, that it seems like he/she is trying to break out of there. It makes for some uncomfortable-ness.

The husband and my brother are planning to attend a Popculture Fair in March in our city, so in anticipation, I've been making buttons and mirrors to sell there. Many of them are posted in my
Etsy shop for the time being. There might even be a plan to set up an Ebay store for buttons and mirrors after the baby is born and we're set into a routine to help supplement some income while I'm on my maternity leave.


  1. I hear ya on everything you wrote! I am so umcomfortable an dI can't get a decent night's sleep. I am hoping she will wait until after Jan 1st to appear. But she seems very active, which is good.

  2. I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! Is the baby here yet? Not yet for me.