No Place Like Home

We are all moved out! (mostly)

The weekend was spent moving all of our stuff from our 'old' house to my mom's house. Our 'new' house is not ready yet (only at foundation stage) so, the next 2 months will be spent living in my mom's basement.

I can't believe how much stuff we accumulated while living at the 'old' house for only a year and a half. We had started moving stuff weeks ago, and it seems that it just never ends. All the large furniture was moved on Friday (with u-haul rental truck). Saturday was more moving stuff and cleaning the house. Sunday was more of the same.

Now that it is Monday, I am soooo beat. There is still a few things at the 'old' house and there is a decent size delivery we gots to make for second hand donations and the food bank. This moving stuff will wind down soon (we loose possession of the house on Wednesday) and hopefully, I will be more rested in time for the long holiday weekend....

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