New Obsession

This is the time of year for cookie baking, turkey eating and under the mistletoe kissing. Where there will definitely be some turkey eating on my to do list this year (no cookies, since I no longer have my own kitchen), also on my list is playing with this:

Sing to your hearts content. This little beauty contains such songs as Time after Time, Take on Me and of course the favorite Brick House.

I've been playing thing pretty much non stop the last few days that we had it. Sure, I should be doing some Christmas shopping, finishing that sock that's been WIP for months and months, or the Sweater for little baby that was born on Dec. 14 (Happy Birthday Little Baby!). Nah. I want to sing Blondie's "Call Me" and Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" and the Odds' "What I like about you"....I want to sing it all.

So if I'm too busy eating turkey and singing Karaoke Revolution to be posting in the near future, please excuse me and have a great holiday!!

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