Green is my New Favorite Colour

Well, not really. Finally, after 2 weeks of main colour (4 coats), accent colour (3 coats) and 2 hours of hand painting (x3) the baby's room is finished. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to bother to paint the baby's room, but after some deliberation, I thought that it would be nice. I browsed through the internets and found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to design dad to pointing me in the right direction.


Nothing special about the room before. The colors in our house are pretty dark, so it wasn't really 'baby ready' or anything like that.

After (but before the furniture came in):

After again (with furniture this time):

The other wall:

The room is pretty small, so that's pretty much the whole room. I was going to give the baby the bigger room, but I have so much craft stuff, the baby will just have to live in the smaller room until he/she needs the big room. We came to the conclusion that the baby will either grow up loving giraffes or hating them.

On the other side of things, I've completed a pair of baby socks and have started another pair. I'm not sure how many pairs I'm going to end up with, but socks seem to be my project of choice for some reason.


  1. I love the nursery! The giraffes are super cute. I was thinking of painting my baby's room a Green Tea/Matcha Green. But it's white for now. I don't have the energy to remove all the stuff that in the room to paint. The room also serves as a crafts/office room.

    Are you waiting to find out the gender of the baby when the baby arrives?

  2. The husband was afraid that I would be too tired to do anything for the room, so we started a little early. Just in time too, I'm getting achier and it's getting hard for me to breathe. I'm lucky that I have another room to serve as my craft room so this is solely for the baby. We wanted to find out what gender the baby was, but it was moving so much that the tech couldn't tell and we haven't been scheduled for another ultrasound yet, so we are still waiting to find out. I love all the things you've made -- in such a short amount of time too!

  3. I ache all over ,too. And I get winded from just walking to the car and climbing in. I am always huffing and puffing. This is such an interesting experience. LOL!