Peh heh heh heh Rogies, Peh heh heh heh Rogies...

Has anyone else seen the feature on Sesame Street all those years ago where they show a perogy factory and sang a song with the words "Peh heh heh heh Ro-gies, Peh heh heh heh Ro-gies..." over and over? Maybe it was just the Canadian version.

Anyways, #98 on my 101 in 1001 list: "Learn how to make perogies"

My husband (being of ukrainian/polish descent) loves homemade perogies. We go, regularly, to a
shop where they sell authentic kielbasa and homemade frozen perogies, amongst other things. Tired of spending $7 on like 15 perogies, I (of Chinese descent) vowed to learn how to make them for my husband.

I used
this recipe, but instead of following the techniques for 'making' the perogies, I found this handy dandy tool that makes 18 perogies at a time.

I wanted to make the following types of perogies:
1. Cottage Cheese and Potato
2. Saurkraut
3. Cheddar Cheese, Potato and Bacon
4. Dessert Perogies -- Apple, Blueberry

Unfortunately, I only got to the first 2. I think the problem to getting more out was that my rolling pin wasn't heavy enough. That's what I get for buying a $5 one.

I plan on making more, since I had made all the fillings and didn't get to use it all.

But I think they turned out well...


  1. They look yummy! I never had a perogie until I moved to New York. They taste very good!

  2. They look kinda like pasties?
    How do you cook them? Bake?

  3. I never had perogies either until I was in my late teens. My parents had no idea what they were until until my dad had them when he was out of town for work, but even then, they were the store bought kind. You'll never go back once you've had homemade! =)

  4. They are more like dumplings. More commonly, they are pan fried or boiled and served with sour cream, onions and bacon bits, but my MIL makes a baked version that is also very good.

  5. I remember the perogy song..in fact I was searching the net for it and that's how I came here. I think you were right about it only being on the Canadian Sesame Street. I was hoping maybe on you-tube but no luck so far.

  6. Lemme know if you ever find the perogies clip from Sesame Street ... I can sing a lot of the song, but it's always fun to see it all over again....