This post is going to have several topics which I have managed to avoid the past couple of weeks:

1. Crafting/ Shop stuff.
2. Gas Prices.
3. Weekend Bdays Celebrations

So, here we go:

1. Crafting

After a little bit of a crafty hiatus. I feel that I am motivated enough to get the ball rolling again. (I hope)

I got some(4 to be exact) lovely japanese craft-make-doggy-costume/clothes-book for my birthday, and I am aching to make some stuff for the doggies. I'm hoping to get some dog costumes out there for the halloweening.

I did finish that one-skien-wonder. I actually finished it not long after I had posted it. I'm just alittle slow with the postings on the internets.

I'm also going to venture into the land of armwarmers. My bro's gf had requested a pair and I had never made them before. I basically measured my hands (we have the same sized hands-- how convient!) and tried to figure out how many rows and stitches according to the gauge of the yarn. So basically, it ended up being a tube with a thumb hole. But it turned out well, and I'm thinking of making more of the site and perhaps a pair for myself.

Which brings me to...

2. Gas Prices

The pair for myself is because they would make good knitting gloves in the out of doors as fall/autumn is now quickly approaching. With gas prices over $1/L and threatening to be $1.20/L, I think I might be starting to take the bus to the office. There's no way I should be paying that much for gas and than another $4-$6 for parking per day depending where I can find parking. It must be the bus. I think.

3. Weekend Birthday Celebrations

Now, I say 'celebrations' because it wasn't just my birthday. Officially, the party was for TD, who's actual bday was last Saturday. Mine had already past and there's something about not celebrating a birthday after the actual birthday because of bad luck.

We had a big bbq, I made some ricekrispie maki/sushi, monkey pops, and candy apples. I am obsessed with making candy apples. They are so easy/fun to make. Too bad I don't like to eat them.

We also had the obligatory burgers and hotdogs, and I cheated and ordered 100 sticks each of chicken and beef satay with peanut sauce. SO GOOD!

I almost forgot! We also rented a jumpy gym in the shape of a boxing ring, and for a little extra, we were able to rent giant boxing gloves as well. That was fun. The poor kids in the neighborhood were so envious! haha.

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