DIY afghan hook.

I'm working on a doggy sweater for Daisey right now. According to the book, it's like finger knitting or something, but I can't fit that many stitches on my little hands. After some examination, I concluded that a afghan hook would be most advantagous for this particular project.

I'm using the Patons Upcountry for the sweater, which I really really like, and am really really disappointed that it is discontinued. Anyways, because of the bulkiness of the yarn, I figured a good size of hook would be a size 15/P. I don't think there is such thing as a size P afghan hook. I have a size J. Tried with that one. The stitches were way to tight and the fabric ended up being very stiff. I tried with just a size P crochet hook. The stitches don't fit. They fall off the ends.

So, last night I ponder on how I'm going to make myself a size P afghan hook. I thought about cutting the end of a crochet hook and crazy gluing it onto a size 15 knitting needle...that seemed to be the best solution.

Then, I got it! I'll take my size 15 needle, roast it over the hot stove like a rottiserie, just to be the plastic of the needle pliable, and mold accordingly. I thought of this at 10pm last night. I had to try it. Turn on the stove and hovered over it like I was roasting a marshmallow.

I was waiting for something to go wrong -- melt the plastic all over my nice ceramic stove, catch the plastic on fire, expose myself and my family to toxic fumes from the heating of the plastic. Or what if it didnt work?

About 3-4 minutes into the roasting, I give the tip of the needle a bend. It was finally starting to go. Soon, I was able to heat/mold the needle into what I wanted, and got myself a size P/15 afghan hook! Used it right away. Quite happy with the result. YAY!

There will be some pictures soon.

Now I just need to get my hands on more Upcountry...somehow.

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