Meal Planning

We are starting to get settled at the new house. I'm able to work again (evieheartsmilo.etsy.com) without it being scatterbrained or chaotic. This also means that I can get to meal planning again.

I am a big advocate for this because I can budget exactly how much to spend as I know exactly what I need to buy for the week. Especially when I am no longer contributing as much as I used to money-wise, this sort of budgeting is important to us. What I do is go through flyers on Friday for 'Loss Leaders' - ie, the really good deals, and then base my menu on that.

This week, for those of you who are interested:
Monday - Rotisserie Chicken, oven fries
Tuesday - Chicken Ceasar Pitas (from leftover chicken Monday)
Wednesday - Pizza (handmade/scratch)
Thursday - Meatloaf, mashed potato
Friday - Hot dogs w/ fries

There is a little leeway - sometimes there are good deals at the store that aren't in the flyers, but this is my guideline for the week.

Now if I can stick to it this week, I know I'm well on my way. =)

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