Not what you think.

It's been nuts around here - sell house, buy house, banking stuff, selling stuff, tshirt orders...and I'm moving back to my mom's for a month because the sellers of the new house haven't even started looking for a new place yet. We don't get in until end of August.

Anyways, I had a few minutes before Evie gets up so I thought I'd share this.

My relatives are having a garage sale today. A couple of days ago, my aunt asked her 16 year old son (my cousin) to go into the basement to see if he can find more stuff to put for sale. So he goes into the basement and comes across this box.

It was marked 'Adult Toys'.

And he opened it.

Inside was a chess set, some checkers, monopoly, scrabble, etc...

Yipes. That was close.

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