Month 9

We've been busy. We're thinking about selling the house. I got my first wholesale order for onesies from a baby boutique, and also been in contact with another boutique owner that is interested in buying from me as well. I haven't even been blogging at my other blog. It's mostly been updated with my exported twitter posts, but at least its something.

Now onto Evie:

:: Evie got pretty sick this month. It included a 104 fever and a trip to the emergency room. That was the scariest thing I have ever done.
:: She waves! To everybody! Even to nobody.
:: It's her job to turn the pages when we are reading a book, and she knows it.
:: We are down to 2 naps a day - one at 10am, one at 2pm, and down for the night at 8pm.
:: We've started dairy. She LOVES yogurt and cheese.
:: And Cheerios. My girl LIVES for Cheerios.
:: Only 2 bottom teeth so far. We're waiting for the top ones. They have been due to come out for the last couple of weeks but apparently have stage fright.
:: Still no crawling. Just rolling.
:: She all of a sudden this month discovered that the most comfortable sleeping position is on her belly.
:: Just starting to pull herself up to her feet on furniture.
:: Her new favourite thing? Offering you some food, and then taking it away laughing. She does this to the dogs on a regular basis.
:: We thought the bald spot on the back of her head would be gone forever. It's made a second appearance.
:: She is as tall as a 2 year old. We stood her side by side a 2 year old. They are about the same height.
:: She is wearing size 4 shoes.
:: When she is done playing her piano, she applaudes herself. Every. Time.

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  1. Holy moly! Size 4 shoes! She definitely has your husband's genes.

    Melody wears size 2, but they are a little big. She could wear size 1, but I don't want to get 1 and have her wear them only for a short time.

    Melody loves Cheerios, too! I always feel bad she has my genes and she is a petite thing. Though my husband is not big or tall either.

    I love reading about Evie's progress.

    Congrats on the orders! It's always exciting to get a business going.