Near the End.

I think my time at this blog is near ending. I've cancelled my subscription, and although there's still a few months left here, I'll probably be spending more time on the new blog.

I started this blog as my crafty blog. Knitting, sewing, spinnning...all the things that I wanted to do lots of. But now, with Evie, it's become my report of Evie blog. There has been no knitting or sewing or spinning to report of. Okay, there's some sewing, but nothing really to report as it was not for self consumption but as inventory for the sellings.

Now we are focused on other things: Trying to make it work for me to stay at home means that I have to try to supplement income. More of the sellings. Most of my merchandise is in the form of wet bags and buttons, but there may be some screenprinting of shirts on the way. It's a far cry from the original knitting and sewing of dog clothes.

I still will probably post a thing or two here, but you can catch me more at http://pumpingalrights.livejournal.com/. I've been twittering, so you can catch my daily tweets on the blog as well as the progress of screening shirts and trying to break into the indie craft shows...*fingers crossed*

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