Month 7

2 days ago, I turned 30. That's the same day that the girl turned 7 months. Here's a small update:

:: She's pretty good at sitting up now. Doesn't need much support anymore...except when she's excited and bounces all over.
:: Started egg yolk on the food front. I think we are going to start fish next week. I also have started giving her little chunks of food off the table: watermelon, cantelope, green beans. She's pretty good at chewing now.
:: Her first tooth finally started to show about 3 days ago. That night was a gong show.
:: My daughter is as big as a 1 year old. We are in the process of getting rid of her 6-12mos and now wearing the 12-18mos.
:: She can turn both directions belly to back and back to belly.
:: She is not interested in crawling for the sake of trying to get things. She's happy where she is. I think she's going to be a sitting to walking girl, skipping the crawling step.
:: Evie can clap her hands. She does it whenever she's happy/excited about something.
:: Learning to walk! She'll use my hands to pull her self up then hold on and take steps. We can go from the bed room to the bonus room, probably about 10-15 of my steps...she's getting faster.
:: Finger gasping is getting better. We practice while me and the hubs are eating dinner. I break little rice crackers for her to try to pick up.
:: Lazy girl! she knows how to hold stuff for her self, but once someone touches it, she doesn't want to hold it anymore...
:: Milo likes to be around her more now. Before he would just remove himself from the situation, but now, I'm finding that he sits closer and closer to us. Someone is warming up!

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