Month 5+6

So, we skipped a month. I meant to post. I really did. We've been pretty busy here. Working on some re-org at the Etsy shop. I've split my shop into 2 - one for baby stuff and one for other stuff. We've also been preparing for some Swap meets, toy fairs, and other venues to sell our wares. Not to also mention eBay. Busy busy! Now for some Evie updates...I'll try to remember them in order, but no promises.

Month 5+6

  • Evie's eating lots of different foods now - fruits and veggies of course. We don't plan on starting meat until 8 months. Foods include mango, pears, apple, avacado, carrots, peas, squash, sweet potato, apricots, nectarines, lentils, leeks, celery, banana, plums, and I bet there's more I'm forgetting.
  • She learned how to hold the bottle up herself.
  • She can sit up for about 1 minute by herself.
  • Everything she picks up is going into her mouth.
  • We did a 6 class session of Baby Yoga. Evie loves it. I highly recommend it.
  • Evie is learning to drink out of a sippy cup. She's getting better!
  • Loves to play in her activity saucer. She is in there all the time!
  • Another thing I recommend is Baby Signs. She can already sign 'change dipey' and 'milk'.
  • Learned how to roll over about a week after she turned 5 months.
  • Plays 'Peekaboo' with her blanket.
  • Getting better with people she doesn't see too often. I credit this to Evie's photobook. We go through it every day. We flip through pictures of people she should know, but don't see all the time.
  • Sleeps at 8pm, up at 7pm. I never take this for granted.
  • Doesn't sleep much during the day though.

Hopefully I'm not missing anything. I would love to post more often, but we'll have to see how that goes. I'm also thinking about moving my blog to a new title, that corresponds with the new shop. But we'll see how that goes. Cheers!

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  1. Hi sweet Evie!! She is so smart learning how to drink out of a sippy cup. My kid won't hold onto her bottle even though I have seen her do it for a minute or two. She likes to pull at things or pinch me while she drinks her bottle. She can't keep her hands still.

    I tried getting her to drink water and she hates it. I guess she expected formula. So, I started giving her water in a sippy cup. Still no good. She is also just eating fruits and veggies. I just started tofu this week and she loves it. Weird since it's bland.

    My mother-in-law thinks she is not getting enough nutrients because I am not feeding her jook(congee) boiled with meat. Sigh!! I think the veggies and fruits are much better for her than rice!!

    Evie is such a good sleeper!!And knowing how to sign already. You got a smarty on your hands.

    I was reading how babies that spend a lot of time on their backs, being held, and in the exersaucer don't learn to crawl or walk as fast as other babies. Something about them never seeing their feet and not getting enough practice on the floor. Not sure if that is true, but that freaked me out, so she spends a little bit of time on exersaucer watching her Baby Einstein DVD's. After that, it's mostly play time on the floor.
    Now, she crawls and has started to sit up on her own since last week. This morning I found her sitting up in her crib playing with her toys! She won't stop sitting up, she loves it.