Happy Valentines Day

Not much here on the front. Still trying to get Evie into a schedule. She sleeps somewhat during the night - I normally have to get up only once, but she doesn't really sleep during the day -- she cluster feeds. We are waiting for that to pass before I can get into anything crafty or sane/normal again. Poor Milo and Daisey want to hang out with me, but since Evie doesn't really sleep, we don't get to hang out too much even though I make an effort to talk to them any chance I get while I'm carrying Evie. At least it's slowly getting better...but I'm still exhausted. and hungry.

I can't believe how Evie has grown! She's already filling out her 3m size clothes. I'm going to have to pack away her newborn sized ones. Good thing I didn't buy too many -- I knew she was going to be big. I have a feeling she's going to be tall like her dad (who's 6'5"), and not like me (4'11"). She's 100% in length so far.

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  1. I feel the same way, exhausted and hungry. She was being particularly fussy last night and wouldn't stop crying. I got 2-3 hrs of sleep last night and then had to get up at 7am to bring her to her One Month Check Up at the doctors.

    Wow, Evie is a big girl! I am the same height as you! But my hubby is no where near your hubby's height. We are hoping Melody will be way taller than me. She still can't fit into any clothes that says 0-3 months, the clothes are too big on her!