The Big 5

Happy 5th Birthday to my boy, Milo.

I had always wanted a pug. It got to the point where I finally convinced the husband (bf at the time) to get one. Milo was supposed to be small, like pugs are. Instead we got this giant of a pug, 40 pounds when he's trim, 50+ when he's not.

At first look, Milo looks so menacing. So many people were afraid of him...until they got to know him. They all concede that he's the most gentle dog anyone has ever met. He doesn't like when people put on masks, he doesn't like Yoda on the TV but he does like rotisserie chicken, roast beef and spam.

He's good with kids, good judge of character, and gentle to those who he knows are good people. After 3 years of living with Daisey, he's finally able to protect himself and hold his own. No more getting pushed around by little Daisey, now he's doing some pushing of his own.

So Happy Birthday to Milo. Sorry there's no cake for him this year, Mom just wasn't able to make it with the heavy belly, but we did get to go for a nice walk in the neighborhood and I'll be sure to give him that extra cookie...

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