And One Makes Three.

I guess it makes 5 if you include Milo and Daisey. This would be the main reason as to not posting in so long. The first 3 months were mostly full of morning sickness and lots of fatigue. I have never felt so tired. Ever. Once I got into the 4th month, I graduated from nausea and phantom gagging to constant indigestion. We're into the 19th weeks (almost half way!), so I'm pretty aware as to what foods will make me sick and whatnot. I heard from friends about food aversions, and wasn't sure what mine would be. Turns out it's chicken, beef, and eggs. Blech. Just thinking about it makes me want to gag. So as long as I avoid those, it's pretty much okay. Baby's due date is January 13th. We tried to find out what the sex of the baby was at the ultra sound, but the technician really couldn't tell. I guess we'll have to keep waiting. I'm finding that the baby is sensitive to sound. Crappy players at guitar hero seem to make the baby restless (All I feel is random thumpings in my lower abdomen), as well as my friend's 20 month old playing the drums. He/she also doesn't like any pressure on my belly. He/she was really upset at the ultrasound technician when she was pushing down on my belly with the ultrasound wand. LOTS of movement there. The tech was having a hard time getting the pictures she needed to get.

So, there hasn't been too much on the crafting front. I practically even stopped cooking supper. I hope to start some crafting soon -- sweater, some socks, a quilt (even if it's a cheating one). Now that I'm feeling a little better, hopefully I'll be able to do more and post more. Speaking of the bun in the oven, it seems to be up and doing his/her morning exercises, ie, kicking me in the gut with it's tiny feetsies.

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  1. Congratulations! Oh my, we are both due the same week!!! Mine is suppose to be Jan 10, 2008. I am also in my 19th week. I really can't believe that I am halfway there.

    I am now starting to make things for the baby. No crafting for those first 3-4 months. I wish that I know what the gender is, but I will have to wait until next month for my next sonogram.

    Good luck!