An Evening With...

Before I start talking about who I spent the evening with, there's quite a few things to talk about in this 'catch-up' post.

1. I finished the first sock. Finally. I've cast on for the second and that give me 1 week to try to finish it. It's not going to happen. Here's that broken needle. I took it back to the yarn store that I purchased it from and they very nicely exchanged it for me.

2. My girl has pigmentary keratitis. We've known for about a month or so now, but we have finally scheduled her 'eye tuck' surgery for next week. Apparently her wrinkles on her face are so abundant that they are rubbing up against her eye. We also found out last night that while see can mostly see out of her left eye, she only has periferal vision in her right eye and major fuzziness in the middle. The vet said that it would probably be easy for us to sneak up on her on her right side.

3. I've given up on the baby sweater for little R in Australia. It's still summer over there, and by the time it's cool enough for a sweater, little R will be too big for it. I've started another project for him.

4. It's a little on the late side, but HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR or GONG HEI FAT CHOI. New Years for us is filled with activity: Gatherings, playing cards and lots of food. We went to a big dinner on Friday and Lion Dancing was on the itinerary. They get better every year with more daring acrobatics. I try to get a good picture every year, but always fail miserably.

5. The new house is well on it's way. Last we checked (last Friday), windows and doors were in, the locks on the doors have been installed, and the venting and plumbing are done. We are really hoping for an end of March possession.

6. And who did I spend the evening with? Well, not last night, but Monday night.

Kevin Smith. Well, okay, I didn't spend the eveing with him, per say. That was our own faults for getting tickets the morning of the show. We ended up sitting in the nosebleeds. What he does on these shows are mostly Q&A sessions. So people line up and ask questions, and he answers them. That's all. At intermission, I realized that there were like 15+ people in the line to ask a question, and that it was highly unlikely that he would get through all the people (we were getting kicked out of the facility at midnight) with 1.5 hours left. The view from the line was much better than from where we were sitting, so I thought of a lame question, and stood in line. Then the mean lady made us WAIT IN THE HALLWAY. People in line would miss most of the show because of waiting in the line. It wasn't fair. So we headed up back to the nosebleeds. Boo.

I must say, however, that the show was very entertaining in that poop/fart joke kind of way. He is very personable with his fans. But I think I would have enjoyed it more if we had better seats. Something to think about next time...

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  1. Aw, I hope the girl is okay. The pic here is adorable. :)